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I'm all about a good story. I love it even more when that story helps your brand create authentic connections with the world around you. Through thoughtfully crafted visual & written assets, I aim to empower you to grow your brand by providing you with approachable ideas & strategies across branding, Brand strategy, marketing, creative direction, and more.




After years working in New York and Los Angeles in fast-paced roles covering everything from PR, Marketing, Event Planning, Strategic Partnerships & Collaborations, Social Media, and more, I decided to venture out on my own and open WM GOODS, a warm & relaxed lifestyle boutique in my hometown of Portland, OR. I developed every piece of the puzzle that comes along with opening a business, handling everything from conceptualizing the company’s core values & persona, developing the visual identity for the space, creating a digital presence through e-commerce & social media platforms, handling press outreach, planning in-store and community events, and so much more. The process helped me realize my passion (maybe obsession?) for drilling down to the core of what a company stands for to create a strong brand identity. I began taking on freelance projects, which organically led to Well Made Consulting.

Relationships and community have always been so important to me, personally and professionally. I find it so inspiring to meet new people with diverse interests & skills, and to hear their stories and approaches to their work. This has led me to develop an amazing network of creative & talented individuals that I'm able to call on as resources for each consulting project, based on that project’s specific objectives and budget. This ensures that you have the best & most relevant talent working for you while keeping things lean and efficient, providing you with a cost-effective and streamlined experience.

Whether your starting a new business, want to rebrand, or just need a fresh set of eyes to help guide you, I'm here to help your business shine. I really hope to work with you! 




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Well Made Consulting has played a key role in helping us clarify our brand identity and story. As a social venture, there were so many messages we wanted to share, that it often seemed overwhelming to pick just one story. That said, through the conversations, exercises, and emails, Whitney guided us through refining our brand narrative; from website copy to our voice on social channels. She was the discerning eye and bold voice we dearly needed as a team. She helped us weave tangled thoughts into a unified brand vision.
— Tiffany Wong, Co-Founder, Velé